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Game Boy Pocket pt. 2

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

So here is the follow-up to my story from the last post.

Once I picked up my GBA, I quickly forgot about not having the GBP any longer. Who needed one when I could play all my GB games on the Advance anyways? And so, the years went by, the DS came and went, and the 3DS appeared. By now, I had GB emulators on the DS, PSP, phone and tablet, so I wouldn’t ever need a GB again, would I?

And yet, there was something about those big pixels, the form factor and colors of the GBP, and those big cartridges that still appealed to me.

So fast forward to last month. I’m out with my wife doing some shopping (which means, she browses and I stand around bored ;)) when we come across a so-called “Technology plaza”. I go in, expecting to only find the usual, uninteresting items (phone cases, cheap mp3 players…). And I am correct, that’s all there basically is, in the first floor. And the second. But when I reach the third floor, I come across a little store that instantly catches my attention. It’s a store dealing in retro video games and systems! As I walk in, I see 2 Virtual Boys for sale to my right, and I know I’m in the right place. Finally, a store worth visiting.

I instantly ask the owner to look at all the GB and GBA games he has, and he produces two boxes full of them… Oh boy am I ever in heaven. So long story short, I ended up leaving the place with a 25th anniversary NES edition Game Boy Advance, and my main item, a green Game Boy Pocket. I also took a couple of games, the main one being a copy of Pokemon Red. Ohh, let the childhood memories begin!

On the next post, I’ll let you know what I’ve been doing with the GBP. I’ve been up to some very interesting projects… Next post.